NailStrong Cuticle Oil For Nails - Growth, Strength & Cuticle Care, 12 ml

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NailStrong cuticle and nail growth oil serum help boost the growth of healthy nails. It repairs any damage caused by the sun or chemicals from nail paints. It reduces the yellowing of nails and provides nourishment and strength to nails and cuticles and moisturizes the skin around nails.

We often look at our nails and find them chipped, yellow, dry, or dull. We may not be able to visit a salon for a manicure session every time which further deepens all concerns. The cuticles also tend to dry out and shed or the skin around the nails tends to peel more when it is dry and undernourished making our hands look unhealthy.

Bella Vita Organic brings to you a pocket-friendly, natural, and ayurvedic nail growth oil, Nail Strong, that helps in giving you healthy nails. The natural and essential oils in this reduce damage caused by sun, bacteria, fungus, dirt, free radicals and also reduce yellowing of the nails. It hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes cuticles, reduces dryness and peeling of the skin. This nail growth oil serum prevents breakage by strengthening the nails and the skin around it. It also reduces the chipping of nails from their tips. The cuticle oil for nails helps in brightening the skin and reducing damage around the nails. Nail Strong is the best oil for nail growth as it reduces the yellowing of nails and any damage caused by using nail paints or sanitizers.

This premium, effective, and affordable nail care product is the best replacement for an expensive salon session. With multiple essential oils, Nail Strong is the best product for the health of your nails.


Castor: The Omega fatty acids and protein in the castor oil helps in the speedy growth of nails. The presence of vitamin E in the oil boosts nail health.

Radish: Rich in vitamins and folic acid, Radish boosts nail growth and has healing properties that control any damage.

Vitamin E & C: Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen that gives shape, strength, and integrity to tissues and is the building block of fingernails. Vitamin E supplementation can prevent yellow nail syndrome, which causes peeling, cracked, and yellowing nails. Vitamin E oil's moisturizing benefits also support nail health by preventing cracked cuticles and dry skin around the nail bed.

Avocado: Avocado oil softens cuticles and strengthens nails. The potassium in avocados boosts keratin content, which strengthens nails, and vitamin E gives nails a natural luster while encouraging healthy growth. It also heals cracked cuticles.

Full Ingredients

Cold Pressed Oils Of Castor, Radish, Almond, Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Vitamin C & E, Shea Butter, Sandalwood Oil.


Heals & repairs dry, damaged nails, and cuticles.

Helps strengthen, beautify & lengthen nails.

Hydrates & nourishes cuticles.

Boosts nail growth & reduce breakage.

Improves the health of the skin around the nails.

Reduces yellowing or chemical damage from nail paints.


Step 1: Wash Nails And Pat Dry.

Step 2: Use NailStrong Oil With the Applicator inside.

Step 3: Massage for 2-3 minutes.

Step 4: Let it soak inside the skin & leave overnight

Use 3-4 times a week for best results.

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Manufactured By: Idam Natural Wellness Pvt. Ltd
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Country of Origin - India

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